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How to Make Soap essays

How to Make Soap essays Add lye to the pitcher. Using the same method that you used to weigh the lye, weigh the required amount of water in the empty pitcher. Carefully lift the pitcher with lye in it, and pour the lye into the pitcher containing the water. After you've added all the lye to the water, stir the solution gently with a wooden spoon until you're sure that all the lye has dissolved. Place one of your thermometers in the pitcher. The lye, which will have heated up considerably, is likely to register from 150* to 200*F (66* to 93*C). As you melt the fats and then cool them to 100*F (see steps 9 through 12), you must bring the temperature of the lye to 100*F (38*C), too. Watch the lye temperature closely so that you don't overheat the solution. As you continue to monitor and adjust the temperature of the lye solution, weigh out the required fats for your selected recipe. Once the fats have been measured and placed in the soap pot, set the pot over low to medium heat and stir the contents gently t o help them melt. Use your mixing spoon to mash any small floating pieces. Heat the mixture just to the point at which the fats have melted, then remove the pot from the stove. To cool off the fats quickly, place the soap pot in a cold-water bath in your sink, but make sure that the water isn't frigid, or the fats may begin to solidify again on the inner surfaces of the pot. Stir continuously to help reduce the temperature, and as it approaches 105*F (41*C), remove the pot from the cold-water bath. Continue to juggle the temperatures of the lye solution and the fats so that they both reach 100*F simultaneously. Continue to use the cold and warm baths.While stirring the fats gently and steadily, pour the lye solution into the soap pot in a thin, steady stream, stirring the mixture continuously as you do so. If you see substantial amounts of lye floating on top of the fats, stop adding more until you've stirred in the float ...

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Rhetorical Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Rhetorical Communication - Essay Example It is quite unusual to compare these forms of expression because they differ in purpose, appeal, argumentation, language usage, and eventually in literary devices presence. The most obvious difference concerns the aim of creation these two literary genres. Rhetoric always has a purpose, and its purpose is to persuade listeners in something. That is why despite the fact that Lincoln`s speech seems not to have obvious persuasion motive it is still aimed to influence the public in a certain way and provoke certain reaction. Lincoln is going to become a President for the second time and in his speech he needs to sum up his previous work. Nevertheless, he still needs to look in future that is why in his rhetoric he aims to combine his experience at president`s post with his expectations regarding future. The main topic of his speech is Civil War, and unfortunately the discussion of this topic is painful and unpleasant for the nation but the President needs to do it. In the very first paragraph Lincoln touches the topic of Civil War and outlines vague mood of the nation regarding this issue: â€Å"The progress of our arms, upon which all else chiefly depends, is as well known to the public as to myself, and it is, I trust, reasonably satisfactory and encouraging to all. With high hope for the future, no prediction in regard to it is ventured.† Further Lincoln briefly explains the situation, the reasons, and the negative consequences of the Civil War. Emily Dickenson as a poetess explores emotional side of the event and tries to demonstrate the War from her perspective of an ordinary citizen by examining the concepts of victory and defeat: Dickenson does not need to persuade someone in something, the aim of her poetry is self- discovery, deeper reflection, and expression of opinion on the topic. However, it is possible to suggest that the purpose of the poetry is elusive as the purpose of art in general as it mostly

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Business entity paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business entity paper - Essay Example In addition, it is pointed out that America is an emerging market for high-end watches, especially the complicated and fashionable ones. In addition, despite the recession, there is a report by Johnson in the National Jeweler dated 1 April 2005 that the sale of fine watch grew by 6 %, and as per the reports, the sale of high – end watches rose in double digits. In addition, there is report that the watch market has a 9.3% increase in 2005, a figure that attracts all businessmen considering the impact of recession. However, the rise is visible in high-end products, not in low-end products. From the above analysis, I found it safe and profitable to have my business in watch and timepiece retail, especially focusing on the elite class of the society. By starting my showroom in strategic location like the city of Los Angels, a decent business is assured. As per the reports, there is a sharp increase in the sales of watches ranging above $ 10,000. In addition, there is a considerab le rise in the sales of ‘steel and diamond watches’. Moreover, as per reports, the total US consumer spending on watches and other jewelry rose by 1.2 percent, as compared to 2009 (Jewelry & Watch Retail). Furthermore, according to the DJ US Consumer Goods Index, ‘consumer goods’ come fourth in the list of ‘best performing industries. Thus, it becomes evident that there is a possibility of this industry performing better than all other industries. Moreover, as per reports, the sales of Swiss watches in Chile increased by 30% in 2007 and are expected to rise more (Economic Integration). In addition, there is the logic that there will not be any fall in the sales of watches as they are all time requirement for people. So, even if there is no sharp growth in demand, there will not be any considerable fall in the sales. The only issue will be the competition from other retailers in the market. Thus, it becomes evident that retail of watches is one of the best business opportunities in the present business climate in the US. In addition, as per predictions, there is no possibility of a sharp downturn or fluctuation in the sales of watches in America. I would like to mention here the fact that American economy is on its recovery path from the recession, and hence there are new business opportunities as people are regaining their lost financial safety. As people are regaining their financial strength, it is highly likely that they will again start purchasing apparels and cosmetics, as they are an essential part of life. As compared to other such things, watches are a necessity for all people. So, taking into consideration the influence of recession, and the still weak economy, it is wise to select the retail of watches. In fact, I have selected Los Angels as the location of my showroom. There are various reasons for this selection. The first consideration is the huge population of Los Angels. It is the most populous city of California. As per reports, the population of the city is around 4.1 million (Beacon Economics, 2010) In addition, the location is the focal point of the Los Angels- Long Beach Riverside, with a total population of over 18 million. Yet another point of consideration is the higher income of people in Los Angels city. As per reports, the per capita income of people in the Los Angels city is an average of $ 55,000 (Beacon

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Environmental Issues Essay Example for Free

Environmental Issues Essay The environmental issues in India become more serious every day and she is turning into a bit of a mess on this front but with over 1 Billion people most of which in dire poverty, its hardly surprising. The recent boom in its industries, little or no environmental education, infrastructure nearly at bursting point not to mention the huge deforestation thats going on. If you think your country has some problems then you are about to be a bit of a shock because Im sure nothing compares to some of the environmental issues in India. A whopping 65% of the land in here is degraded in some way, shape or form and the endless government policies do little to curb the damage. In fact, there is no shortage at all of government legislation protecting the environment but unfortunately it is never enforced due to flagrant abuse of power, corruption and lack of resources. If you have ever been to India you have undoubtedly noticed the serious little problem that they have in India. No, its not like here in the UK where a can of coke and crisp packet on the floor are a litter problem. Indias litter problem is almost a bit disturbing. The attitude is to just throw it on the floor, there are no bins, just drop it. Thats 1 Billion people disposing of their rubbish on the floor, every day. The scope of the problem is almost unimaginable and of course, it takes generations to change a habit like that but no one is starting. What they need here is education and that is what is seriously missing. With regards to environmental issues in India, India appears to be digging its own grave deeper and quicker than the rest of us, nearly 30% of Indias gross agricultural output is lost every year due to soil degradation, poor land management and counter productive irrigation. The wetlands and lakes are also being hit hard. Mainly by the industrial boom that hit India a decade ago, the main problems being improper disposal of industrial waste like chemicals etc. Indias 7516 km of coastline have also come under attack from this environmental sabotage, overfishing remains a huge problem due to lack of legislation enforcement. Raw sewage from an awful lot of people is pumped endlessly into the ocean along with other industrial waste and chemicals. Hundreds of miles of coral and other sea life are slowly being destroyed due to offshore drilling. Tourist centres such as Goa suffer due to badly managed development and excessive tourism, again resulting from the lack of legislation and policy enforcement. The main environmental issues in India The Environmental issues in India are huge. Whether its the rapidly dropping water tables, mass deforestation, land degradation or river contamination, India has it all and on a massive scale. Water resources Perhaps the largest of the environmental issues in India facing the people of India is inadequate or lack of access to vital fresh water resources. As Indias industries get bigger so will the amount of water they require and the amounts are already beginning to spiral. As an example I use the Coca cola factory which was accused for years of messing up an entire eco system. By simply diverting all the water to their factory, millions of people went without. The company are also accused of causing huge droughts and contamination to a massive area by exploiting an excessive amount of ground water and then replacing it with toxic discharge. Of course, Coca Cola is a big famous company and that is why this came to news but I have no doubt that there are a million examples of similar things happening all over India. Years of exploitation and extraction of groundwater in India has caused the national water table to suddenly and very dramatically drop. Considering that 85% of rural drinking water and 55% of urban water comes from underground sources, this seems to me a very urgent problem as literally hundreds of millions of people could be left without water does it even bear thinking about! The rivers are on the front line of pollution in India. Millions of people depend on them for their livelihoods but they are slowly being polluted and destroyed by sewage, chemicals and other agricultural and industrial waste. These are some of the most polluted rivers in the world but little seems to be to stem the incessant destruction. Deforestation The story of deforestation is another of the highly serious environmental issues in India. It is predicted that almost 5. 3 Million hectares of forest have been destroyed since the independence. Most of it being chopped down for housing, industrialisation and river projects. It is estimated that the number of Mangrove Forests have more than halved in the last 20 years. The government soon recognised the importance that these forests hold for the conservation of soil and put forward a range of polices trying to curb the destruction; of course, nothing has really changed and thousands of acres are destroyed every year with nothing in the way of replacement. Poor management and abuse of power are again the increasingly sad cause behind the mass deforestation of India, some call it greed. Protected areas are largely declassified so that commercial activities can take place but new areas are not reclassified. Poaching is another factor, people actually coming in and steeling trees and one of the final blows to the forest of India who already seem to have lost the battle is the invasion of foreign tree species such as Eucalyptus etc. Air Pollution India now has one of the worst qualities of air in the world. Without a doubt the main contributor of air pollution in India is the transport system. In the big cities like Delhi and Mumbai, millions of old and very dirty diesel engines churn out millions of tonnes more sulphur than their western equivalents partly because of being old and partly because of the diesel. As a result, the asthma rate for children in some of the larger cities is now at %50 and rising fast. Because of the varied causes and consequences surrounding this topic, Ive devoted a whole page to India air pollution. Plastics and other waste I have already touched on the massive problem of waste disposal but I intend to go into it more here. It seems that some areas are simply fed up with the lack of Government intervention and are using there initiatives. As an example I use some of the towns and villages in Kerala who are seeing a return to the old paper bags from plastic ones. As I am sure you know, plastic isnt in any urgency to degrade but the people of India dont seem to recognise this as they throw every unwanted item onto the floor wherever they are. Of course, the victims of this environmental issue in India are the future generations and the animals. The holy cows that are so integral to Indian life are slowly being killed from the huge amount of plastic bags they consume that eventually rap around their insides.

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Exercise and Aging: A Qualitative Correlation Essay -- Exercise, Aging

In 1523 the Spanish conquistador Ponce de Leon made an extensive voyage to a new world in search of the legendary Fountain of Youth. He never found it. Although many years have passed since Ponce de Leon made his infamous trip, the idea of mythical youth is still very much alive in our culture. We desire to actually act and feel youthful. Physical exercise is the only action a person can take to not only feel young but to physiologically slow the aging process. This paper will present studies indicating the affect exercise has on the human body and how it is useful in keeping us at our optimum physical and mental health. For now, aging is inevitable. Physiologically, we age because individual cells are preprogrammed to overwork and then self-destruct. The process becomes apparent in a comparison of old and young skin cells. Although both types contain the same array of genes, in older cells the genes work overtime under the direction of a master gene. The master gene forces the others to produce abnormal amounts of protein, which slows down replication and other vital cellular activity. These factors eventually cause organ degeneration and aging. To prevent or delay aging a way must be found to control overactive genes, say Dr. Samuel Goldstein of the University of Arkansas and Anna McCormick, Ph.D. of the National Institute on Aging. The ultimate anti-aging discovery would be a drug that could suppress the master gene, stopping cells from beginning their destructive course. Until this discovery (and well after) our anti-aging bullet can be exercise. Exercise is the closest thing to an anti-aging pill there is, says Alex Leif, M.D., a professor at the Harvard Medical School of Gerontology. "Regular daily physical activity has been a way of life for virtually ever person who has reached the age of 100 in sound condition." Studies at the National Institute of Aging have repeatedly shown that regular exercise and strength training can have a profound effect on the rate of human aging, and may forestall the disability and diseases we are used to thinking of as the unavoidable price of growing old. One method of exercise is called strength raining attained by muscle resistance movements such as those provide by the simple use of free weights. Dr. Evans, of the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, conducted an unorthodox study tha... ...ucose Tolerance and Plasma Lipid Levels in Older Men and Women," Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 252, No. 5, Aug. 1984, pp. 645-649. 9G. Heath, "A Physiological Comparison of Young and Older Endurance Athletes," Journal of Applied Physiology, Vol. 51, No. 3, Sept. 1981, p. 639. 10B. Johnson, "Flow Limitation and Regulation of Functional Residual Capacity during Exercise in a Physically Active Aging Population," American Review of Respiratory Disease, Vol. 143, No. 5, May 1991, p. 960. 11, 15, 16 A. Coggan, "Histochemical and Enzymatic Characteristics of Skeletal Muscle in Masters Athletes," Journal of Applied Physiology, Vol. 68, No. 2, 1990, pp. 1896-1900. 12, 13, 18 H. Higdon, The Masters Running Guide, National Masters News, Van Nuys, CA, 1990, pp. 36-37, pp. 48-51. 14, 20 M. Alter, Science of Stretching, Human Kinetics Books, Champaign, IL, 1988, p. 31, p. 64. 17 G. Legwold, "Masters Competitors Age Little in TenYears," The Physician and Sports Medicine, Vol. 10, No. 10, Oct. 1982, p. 27. 19 M. Fiatarone, "High-Intensity Strength Training in Nonagenarians," Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol.. 263, No. 22, June 1990, p. 3033

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Assessing Reliability and Credibility of Cam

Assessing Reliability and Credibility of CAM Research is an important part of finding the appropriate CAM therapy that will help the patient’s symptoms. The information that is obtained during research could be full of opinions and not facts. Since we want factual information instead of opinions it is important that we are sure the information we are looking at is a reliable and credible source. Criteria for Reliability and Credibility CAM therapies are being used more today than in years past. The use of CAM has become helpful for many patients to elevate symptoms of their ailment. When studying which CAM therapy is right for the symptoms that are presented we need to be sure that the source of information is reliable and credible. There are several things we can ask ourselves to ensure the information we are using is reliable and credible. These criteria should be considered: 1)Does the source provide (Harris, Robert, June 15, 2007): a. Author’s name b. Author’s title and position c. Author’s organizational affiliation d. Date of the document 2)The documentation provides the information we are looking for (Harris, Robert. June 15, 2007): a. Facts b. Opinions c. Arguments d. Statistics e. Narratives f. Descriptions 3)Has there been cited information within the document that we are reviewing (Montecino, Virginia, August 1998). 4)What type of website is the information provided on (Montecino, Virginia, August 1998): a. A personal page b. Special interest site c. Professional site d. News or journalistic site e. Commercial site 5)Does the website contain information that is (Harris, Robert, June 15, 2007): a. Fair b. Objective c. Quality information . Lacking hidden motives Website for Review The website that I am going to use for review is a website regarding fish oil: http://healthlibrary. epnet. com/GetContent. aspx? token=e0498803-7f62-4563-8d47-5fe33da65dd4&chunkiid=21684#P3. The website homepage is from http://www. iherb. com/default. aspx?. The homepage offers information on herbs, supplements, conditions, drug interactions, homeopathy, and it has a medical library that you can look up all kinds of information. Consumer’s Attitudes and Beliefs about CAM Consumers are skeptical of using CAM therapies to heal the symptoms that are present or to help prevent symptoms of different diseases from appearing in their health. For some consumer’s their religious beliefs or beliefs they have been raised with do not support the use of CAM therapies. Cases where a consumer’s beliefs do not support the use of CAM the consumer would not even consider the possibility of using CAM therapies. Consumers have set opinions and attitudes about different things within their lives. For some they hold these opinions and attitudes to a stern heart and cannot be persuaded to change for any reason. Consumer’s that are set in their opinion and attitude often will not even consider change even with facts in front of them that the change can be a good change. Conclusion about Website For the purpose of this paper I have focused my research on fish oil. The webpage on fish oil has been reviewed by EBSCO CAM Medical Review Board in April 2009. The author of the source is not revealed; with the webpage being reviewed by the EBSCO CAM Medical Review Board it can be considered a reliable and credible source. If the information provided on this webpage is not correct information the Medical Review Board would not support the information. According to the website the page was last updated April 1, 2009, therefore the information is a year old and not extremely outdated. The webpage provides factual information and discusses studies that have been done on fish oil. The beginning of the webpage gives alternative names for fish oil, which can be helpful to the consumer when being sure they are not allergic to another name of fish oil. The webpage has 271 references where the information has been gathered for the purpose of this webpage. Throughout the webpage it allows the person reviewing the information to click on different terms for a further explanation of the term that has been used. The webpage allows the researcher to see and click on different proposed uses of fish oil to review. The information on other proposed uses is useful when looking at other possible symptoms of diseases that the consumer may have, in some cases the use of fish oil could help the consumer with more than one ailment. Through the review of this webpage I would consider it a reliable and credible source of information. Increase Credibility The website I have reviewed on fish oil seems to be a credible website. The information is full of factual information along with studies that have been conducted regarding the use of fish oil. The website even has a disclaimer regarding the use of fish oil, which many websites that discuss different CAM treatments does not include. The website could contain testimonials from consumers that have already used fish oil for the different aliments it helps. The testimonials could give consumers first hand information from consumers that have already used fish oil for the symptoms that the consumer doing the research is trying to elevate. I do not know of any other way that the site could increase the credibility any more than it already has contained within the website. Conclusion CAM can help consumer’s improve symptoms they may be experiencing and in some cases help to prevent a disease by the use of different CAM therapies. Consumer’s read information about different CAM therapies but the consumer needs to be sure that the information they are reading is from a reliable and credible source. Information obtained on the internet can be placed on the internet and contain nothing but opinions. Ensuring that the information is factual and reliable is something a consumer should consider before using any type of CAM therapy. Following the criteria discussed within this paper can help consumers be sure that the information they have found and are considering is credible and reliable, and most of all information that can be used when making decisions on their health. References Harris, Robert. (June 15, 2007). Evaluating Internet Research Sources. Retrieved April 24, 2010 from: http://www. virtualsalt. com/evalu8it. htm iHerb. com. (2010). Fish Oil. Retrieved April 25, 2010 from: http://healthlibrary. epnet. com/GetContent. aspx? token=e0498803-7f62-4563-8d47-5fe33da65dd4&chunkiid=21684#P3 Montecino, Virginia. (August 1998). Criteria to Evaluate the Credibility of WWW Resources. Retrieved April 25, 2010 from: http://mason. gmu. edu/~montecin/web-eval-sites. htm

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The Population And Over Consumption - 1388 Words

N owdays, over-population and over-consumption become the global phenomenal in developing countries. According to United Nation Population Division’s World Population Prospect ‘ : The 2012 Revision via Pew Research Center ,the total world’s population shows a tremendeous statistic. It is around 7,124,543,962 people. A huge number of people that leads to over-consumption behaviour. Either over-population nor over-consumption gives the big impact in every sector such as, politic, business, social, economic, etc. However, there is a crucial statement about this issue. In which aspect that most gives more precarious on global concern? Is it over-consumption or over-population? Over-population or as well known as ‘’Human Over-population’’ appears when the total of population exceeds the capacityThere are some root causes why the over-population becomes the serious problem, may be more serious than it seems to be. First, The high rate of po pulation growth. In some countries, the rise in birth rate (lack of birth control limiting programs) and the decline in death rate. In the other words, the rate of population growth keeps growing time by time. Second, many people still believe that ‘’children is a sign of prosperty’’ , so they believe would be enriched if they have a lot of children. A lot of efforts which have been done by the government to reduce the number of population. Even there are a lot of programs that have been settled but, it did not show any progress suchShow MoreRelatedThe Population Of The Planet Is Reaching Unsustainable1377 Words   |  6 Pages The population of the planet is reaching unsustainable levels as it faces a shortage of resources like water, fuel and food. Population expansion in less developed and developing countries is straining the already scarce resources. Overpopulation is the exasperating force behind global warming, environmental pollution, habitat loss, intensive farming practices, and the consumption of finite natural resources, such as fresh water, arable land and fossil fuels, at speeds faster than their rate ofRead MoreThe Effects Of Environment On The Environment815 Words   |  4 Pagescause, in my opinion that population is the worst thing that humans are doing to our world, but that population cannot be looked at alone. It really goes hand in hand with overconsumption. With the population of earth as of 2014 being 7.1 billion and the United Nations projecting that by 2050 it will hit 8.1 billion we have to figure out a way to reduce what we are consuming. (Population Division Technical Paper No. 2011/3, n.d.) The effects on the environment that population causes cannot be lookedRead MoreThe World s Population Growth1099 Words   |  5 PagesThe world’s population is anticipated to reach nine billion by 2050, having almost ninety percent of that growth occurring in the developing world. On top of that, the world’s population will continue to develop toward urban areas having approximately 70% living in urban populations by 2050 as compared to around fifty percent today. The world has faced an unprecedented rise in population during the past century having dramatic shifts in the production and consumption of food and for the most partRead MoreEssay on The Concept of Economic Growth Development 1299 Words   |  6 PagesDevelopment is one of the most important factors of human life and one of the abilities which distinguish humans from animals. Over time, humans have realized their power to gain whatever they want from the environment. However, it has not taken too long f or people to understand that this trend can end up with a disaster. Over consumption of limited natural resources can cause environmental degradation in an environment that humans are depends on it for living. This essay will look into the conceptRead MoreUnited States And The World s Biggest Economy By Ostensible And Genuine Gdp1278 Words   |  6 PagesStates has a racially and ethnically assorted population. The census formally perceives six ethnic and racial classifications. White Americans are the racial dominant part, with a 79.7% offer of the U.S. population. African Americans are the biggest racial minority, adding up to 12.2% of the population. Hispanic and Latino Americans add up to 17.5% of the population, making up the biggest ethnic minority. The White, non-Hispanic or Latino population makes up 61.8% of the country s aggregate. RegardingRead MoreUnited States And The World s Biggest Economy By Ostensible And Genuine Gdp1256 Words   |  6 PagesStates has a racially and ethnically assorted population. The census formally perceives six ethnic and racial classifications. White Americans are the racial dominant part, with a 79.7% offer of the U.S. population. African Americans are the biggest racial minority, adding up to 12.2% of the population. Hispanic and Latino Americans add up to 17.5% of the population, making up the biggest ethnic minority. The White, non-Hispanic or Latino population makes up 61.8% of the country s aggregate. RegardingRead MoreThe Climate Disaster Is Inevitable Or Not?896 Words   |  4 PagesThe climate disaster is the social construction that world population have been embedded this idea through one generation to another generation in society. Actually, it seems like the long-lasting issue for not only regional level but also global level. Several studies might have demonstrated the causes and significant impacts of climate crisis. It is still popular argument in society, whether the climate disaster is currently inevi table or not. If it already occurred, what are the main factors?Read MoreEssay on The Growing Population1374 Words   |  6 PagesA Growing Population: Problem or Excuse? The current worldwide population is around 6.9 billion and is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050 (Baird). This projected population number is down from the once predicted 16 billion (Baird) and while some are not concerned others are worried by any increase in population. Population growth is discussed in the articles â€Å"Too Many People?† by Vanessa Baird; â€Å"Population Control: How Can There Possibly Be Too Many of Us?† by Frank Furedi; and â€Å"The PopulationRead MoreEssay on The Earths Carrying Capacity for Humans1438 Words   |  6 PagesDoes the Earth have a Defined Carrying Capacity for Humans? Introduction: Having a population size that is not dangerously large is the limit where the population size is acceptable and understood as the defined carrying capacity for humans1. Population size and consumption can create stress on the environment through resources and social systems so that the quality of life declines. However some believe that resources can be created by humans and not all need to be replaced and reinvented onceRead MoreGlobalization And The Global Economic System1568 Words   |  7 Pagesthen matured to the proto, and finally transformed in to the modern by looking at how the state evolved its method of legitimizing itself, and the refinement of consumption relationships and patterns. In the archaic period of globalization, there were ancient forms of the state known as the warrior system and different types of consumption known as cosmic king ship, universal religion and humeral understanding of the body and land. The global warrior system was driven by profit, conquest, ideas,